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Nutrition Solutions Tasmania

About Us

Nutrition Solutions Tasmania is locally owned with our head office based in Launceston. Our team are passionate, professional and knowledgeable dietitians that live in Tasmania. Being locals, we don’t need to second-guess when it comes to nutrition, food or local produce. All our team have vast local knowledge, and we know Tasmania, so we utilise this information when working with clients.

We have a people first approach to everything we do. All of our team are fully committed to providing the best possible care to clients and patients alike, every-time!! When you’re looking for the best dietitian in
Tasmania, Nutrition Solutions has you covered.

Our clients vary in size throughout Tasmania and each have varying needs and requirements. We are able to tailor our nutrition and dietetic services and contract plans to suit the needs and budgets of all organisations, providing them with better nutrition outcomes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to clients, when you choose to use Nutrition Solutions Tasmania you can expect to receive high quality reporting, detailed and precise auditing and an efficient, high level of communication from our team of nutrition professionals.

Management Team

Nutrition Solutions Tasmania is led by two experienced dietitians who form the Senior Management Team.
All of the team are dedicated to providing quality outcomes for our clients and better living through nutrition.




    Georgia has a wealth of nutrition and dietetic experience, coupled with specific and special interests in allergies, food intolerances and gastrointestinal disorders.

    Leveraging off her knowledge in this arena, she’s able to assist many patients that have complex and chronic conditions.

    Georgia previously worked with the University of Tasmania's Launceston Clinical School as a researcher and leverages off that experience to create nutrition presentations and workshops that are engaging, insightful and provide desired outcomes for clients.


    BHlthSc & MND


    Stephen has a vast amount of knowledge and is very experienced, with specific and special interests in chronic kidney disease and the elderly.

    Being armed with insight and knowledge this allows him to treat patients that have chronic conditions and multiple comorbidities.

    With over 20 years of working within the food service industry as a chef. Stephen is able to combine his knowledge pool to provide well informed, practical and informative advice when undertaking menu reviews, kitchen audits and cooking demonstrations.

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