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Nutrition Solutions Tasmania


Nutrition Solutions Tasmania work with companies of all sizes, whether you need help with a minor issue or an entire program - we provide better living through nutrition.

We have a wide range of services and contract plans for you, and our team are here and ready to help.

Our Services Include

  • Food Service Consulting
    We can provide short one off projects or long term partnerships that work with your team to develop quality processes and systems that produce consistent and quality food service for your organisation.

    We can develop menus from scratch or work with you to ensure balance and adequacy of your existing menu and we can even look at your food service department as a whole to identify shortcomings and provide practical, cost effective and easy to implement solutions for optimal efficiency.
  • Cooking Demonstrations
    Cooking demonstrations provide practical knowledge and skills to improve health for a broad range of people from all walks of life. Activities can be structured as a demonstration only or clients can get involved.

    Our experienced instructors demonstrate that cooking need not be complex to provide nutritious, tasty meals at home. Participants are provided with recipes and a meal and small groups allow confidence to ask questions.
  • Policy & Strategy
    Good nutrition policy and strategy provides direction and scope to allow all team members to know their roles and minimum standards for not just food service but the entire organisation. A policy document can be quite broad and determine things like how often menus are reviewed/updated, seasonal variations, minimum standards of presentation, screening for malnutrition, procedures for managing allergies and hydration standards.

    By having an up to date policy in place your organisation won’t be caught out with unannounced accreditation visits, substandard presentation or quality.
  • Accreditation Consulting
    Accreditation can be a stressful time, so working with a team who understands the accreditation process can save you time, money and stress!

    We work with facilities to help you understand your requirements and put in to place the things that are needed to ensure you are ready for accreditation at any time. These can include developing policies and systems and reviewing any existing procedures you have in place.
  • Workplace presentations
    From intimate education sessions to entire workforce seminars we can help improve the knowledge and skills of your workforce to take control of their nutrition, food and eating. Caring for your staff by investing in their health can promote a sense of well-being and increase productivity.

    Sessions can be interactive and run remotely to be more accessible. Topics can be tailored to the needs of your workforce or choose from our existing library of options.
  • Staff training
    Having well-trained, confident and knowledgeable staff is vital for the smooth running of any organisation. We provide training for staff that is accessible, relatable and encourages involvement to enhance learning. Staff walk away with new knowledge, skills and the confidence to better do their job and provide exceptional care.

    Different training options are available for all staff including food service, nursing, carers and serving staff on a variety of topics or get in touch if you would like to discuss your organisation’s specific needs.

Other Services

COVID 19 update - statewide assistance available

Now more than ever, Nutrition Solutions Tasmania is committed to keeping your business, your staff and those in your care on track with their health and wellbeing. Since our team is local and are based here in Tasmania, we are able to make safe, compliant on-site visits whenever it’s needed state-wide.

If you would like more information on our COVID-19 Safety Plan get in touch.

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