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Nutrition Solutions Tasmania

Aged Care Consulting

Improving quality of life through good nutrition

As we age, nutrition becomes more and more important for both physical and mental benefits. Nutritious meals keep residents’ strength and energy levels stable while mealtimes offer positive social experiences that boost quality of life. At Nutrition Solutions Tasmania, we’re helping aged care facilities across the State provide higher quality nutritional care to keep their residents happy and healthy.

Our aged care consulting services include:

  • Management of unintentional weight loss and malnutrition
  • IDDSI compliance and auditing
  • Aged care nutrition and accreditation
  • Enteral feed management and recommendations
  • Menu quality and quantity auditing
  • Daily protein intake calculations and reporting
  • Planning or review of daily living services for nutrition
  • 2021 basic daily fee supplement report assistance

Our skilled team of Accredited Practising Dietitians understands the unique challenges of the aged care sector. With our team on your side, we can help you navigate the complexity of ensuring daily nutrition needs are met while also streamlining your facility’s overall nutrition and hydration policies to meet aged care standards.

Why you can trust us for complete aged care nutrition services

Here are just a few reasons you can rely on Nutrition Solutions Tasmania to improve your aged care facility’s nutrition processes:

Understanding of Standards: You can be confident that our team will set your facility up for compliance

Caring People: We form strong and genuine relationships with you and your residents

Team Approach: We communicate with your entire team for successful outcomes

Nutrition Expertise: Our knowledge and experience ensure we will make you and your residents happy

From management of unintentional weight loss to IDDSI compliance and auditing to daily protein reporting, we are dedicated to helping aged care facilities reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more about our range of aged care nutrition and hydration services.